Car Wreckers

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Car Wreckers Perth is the fast and convenient way to have your auto wrecked. As the auto wreckers that know what they are doing and the equipment to do it, we guarantee the most value for your vehicle. We buy and remove any make and condition of the vehicle to be recycled and reconditioned, paying up to $6K cash. Wrecking and removals are always free, and cash is paid on the spot.

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Car Wreckers

Auto Wreckers You Can Count on for The Best Value from Your Auto

Car Wrecker Perth is an auto wrecker you can count on for the best value from your auto. As auto wreckers that have the facility, equipment and tools to break down your vehicle, and the wreckers with the expertise and experience, you can count on the knowledge and know -ow of our wreckers to get the best value for your vehicle.

We Break It Down and Put Cash in Your Pocket – Car Wreckers

Car Wrecker Perth breaks down your vehicle, taking all the parts out under the hood, gutting the interior of the vehicle, and recycling and reconditioning all parts. Even the oil and tyres of your auto will be recycled. Once the vehicle has been dismantled the steel of the auto will then be crushed. With our state of the art wrecking, our customers can count on the best cash in their hands. We know our business and do it well. Wrecking and Recycling and paying our customers cash!

Your Auto Wrecking is Eco-Friendly

With nearly 100 per cent of your vehicle recycled and reconditioned, your auto wrecking turns into eco-friendly auto disposal. The parts, metals, and steel are all recycled into new parts, new Tyre manufacturer, and new metals and steel. Little of your vehicle goes to waste, and resources are kept down through recycled products.

Why Choose Us?

When you choose Car Wreckers Perth, you have a wrecker in Perth that knows their business. We take the time and care to get the maximum value from your vehicle, recycling all that can be recycled. We are a fully licensed and insured auto trader and wrecker, and one that is established in Perth. Our wrecking services are always free and always pay cash.

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For more information or a same day car removal that pays up to $6K give Car Wrecker Perth a call today. We guarantee to great services. Give us a call at the number below or complete our "Get a Quote" form.
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