Why we all Need Car Wreckers? 

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Car wreckers offers a special service to vehicle owners that their vehicle is no longer that prime auto.

Regardless of whether it has lost its appeal because of age or a car crash, car wreckers are the best people to talk to when you are thinking of disposing of your un-roadworthy cars.

Car wreckers are a good option when you are trying to sell your old or wrecked car because vehicle scrapping is their business. As a result, they know all the best practices for survival in the industry hence, they will be able to give you a reasonable deal. You can try selling some parts yourself if you have friends with a similar car, but that can turn out to be a tiresome and tedious task.

Consider some of the reasons why car wreckers are such a great asset for disposing of used and damaged cars-

  • Keeping the car in your garage will not increase its value. Car manufacturers will not wait for you to get over your old car. They are producing many modern and improved models. As a result, the older models are losing in value with every single day that passes. Regardless of whether you use it or not, the car is depreciating. The earlier you sell it to a car wrecker, the better the price you’ll get. For best results, you should contact a car wrecker as soon as you decide that you won’t be using the car anymore.
  • Car Wreckers provide an eco-friendly method of disposing of old cars. Leaving a car to rot on barren land exposes the land to harmful chemicals that might leak after a prolonged period. This can cause problems in future when someone tries to use the land for other purposes. This can be avoided by sending the car to car wreckers. These people will identify the parts that can be recycled and recycle them, thus recovering some money while saving the environment from pollution.
  • You get some money back. This is one of the most appealing reasons for using car wreckers to dispose of old or damaged vehicles. When you call them, car wreckers will try and determine the level of damage to your car then they will come up with a quote. If the quote sounds reasonable to you, they will come and collect the car and give you the money. In essence, you will get some of your money back. Some car wreckers can give you as much as $6,000 for old or damaged cars.
  • You don’t worry about transportation. Regardless of the condition of the car, once you have reached an agreement with the Car Wreckers Perth, your work will be done. They will handle everything including the transportation of the car from its current location to their yard where some parts are recycled, and others disposed of.
  • You will help contribute to creating a pool of obsolete parts. With the speed at which new models are being made, it won’t be long before older models become obsolete. When this happens, it will be very difficult to find replacement parts for older vehicles. The only place where these parts will be available will be in car wreckers’ stores. By disposing of your car with them, you will be contributing to this pool thus giving access to replacement parts for vintage car collectors and restoration projects.
  • If you have an old model car, you can also enjoy huge savings on replacement parts when compared to buying new parts. Buying parts from a car wrecker ensure that you get genuine parts at prices that are usually very affordable. You can save as much as 90% on your replacement parts by stopping by a car wrecker before going to the store for spares.

If you are wondering what to do with your old clunker to free up some garage or outdoor space, make a point of contacting a car wrecker and you might be surprised by the deal you will get. Many of these service providers even give Same Day Car Removal Services so you can be sure that they will have you covered even if you are in a rush to travel and need some urgent cash.

What Will Happen to Your Car

  •    You call the car wrecker for a quote
  •    Inspection of the car before pickup and checking of ownership documents
  •    You get paid
  •    The car is towed away to the car wrecker’s yard
  •    Re-usable parts like headlights, mirrors, indicators and tail lights are removed
  •    The body is crashed and sold to recyclers
  •    If you are fine with the quote was given, the car wrecker will schedule a time for pickup

As you can see, the process is simple and straightforward. Car Wrecker Perth is one of the leading car wreckers in Perth that is known to give very attractive rates in exchange for old and damaged cars.

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