What Should I Do With My Old Vehicle?

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When you have an old vehicle that isn’t really fit for the road any longer, or is just getting too costly to maintain, then you have a few different option. You can junk the vehicle, or you can donate the vehicle. With donating the vehicle, you will receive a tax deduction, which will help to reduce your taxes. When you junk your vehicle, typically you will receive cash on the spot for the car removal company that will dispose of your vehicle in a green recycling manner. The choice is up to the vehicle owner, but car recycling is something that many vehicle owners are cashing in on as the knowledge of expert wreckers today means 80 to 100 percent of your vehicle recycled.

How Much Will I Get From My Car When I Recycle It?

The price that you will receive from your vehicle when you recycle the vehicle will depend on different factors of your vehicle. The car removal company will take into consideration factors like the weight and size of your vehicle, any precious metals in the parts of the vehicle and salvageable parts. Vehicles like an SUV or Jeep will have a better recyclable value than a compact simply because of their higher weight in steel. The more steel and metals, the higher price the vehicle owner will be offered for their vehicle. Legitimate car removal companies will base their quotes on the current scrap metals market value, which fluctuate constantly. Typically, for the average junk car, a vehicle owner will receive anywhere from $200 to $500, depending on the vehicle.

What Paperwork Will I Need?

A vehicle owner should have their original title to the vehicle or the scrap certificate. Some car removal companies will have other options if the vehicle owner no longer has the title of ownership to their vehicle. You will need to speak to the car removal company itself to ask what options you have. You will also need your photo ID as well as your vehicle registration.

What Should I As A Car Removal Company When I Contact The Company?

When contacting a car removal company, you will need to ask the company different questions:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • Are you a licensed and insured car buyer and wrecker?
  • Do you base your scrap cash quote on the current scrap metals prices?
  • Do you service my location in Perth with free car removals?
  • Do you pay cash for junk cars on the spot?
  • Will you provide all the paperwork?

What Will The Car Removal Company Ask Me?

The car removal company will ask you various questions regarding your vehicle. Be expected to be asked:

  • The year of your vehicle
  • The mileage of your vehicle
  • The make of your vehicle
  • The model of your vehicle
  • The vehicle identification number of your vehicle
  • You’ll also be asked if you have the registration to the vehicle, title of ownership and have a photo ID

How Will The Car Removal Company Dispose Of My Car?

The car removal company that you choose for your car disposal / car recycling will either have a wrecking yard themselves or have a recycling centre that they do business with. Most companies like Car Wreckers Perth will dismantle the vehicle and recycle the parts, metals and steel of the vehicle. The nice thing about having your vehicle removed by a car removal company that will scrap the vehicle is that you are not responsible for any prep work. You do not have to drain any liquids, fuels or fluids, and you do not have to flatten or remove the tyres. It is a system that is quite nice.

How Long Will The Car Removal Company Take To Remove My Vehicle

The car removal company typically takes a few hours from the time of your call to arrive in your location and once there, the process generally takes under an hour. Car removal companies are designed to provide quick services that are convenient. The process will simply be quickly inspecting the vehicle and then having you sign any necessary paperwork and providing you with the cash for junk cars offer.

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