What Car Wreckers Do With Your Old Car

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You may have wondered what car wreckers and old car removal companies do with this old car that everybody else deems useless and a waste of space. The fact that some companies will go the extra mile and offer you some money in exchange for this same car that no one wants is sometimes unimaginable. Let’s dive into the boots of car wreckers and see exactly how they can take these damaged and seemingly useless cars and turn them into profit.

How Car Wreckers Work

Despite the different names and different terms of service, all car wreckers use a similar mode of service delivery. As a result, the process is pretty much standard across the board. So what should you do to sell your car to a car wrecker?

The first thing that you should do is contact them. Many of them will have a phone number and contact us form on their website so it should be simple to get in touch. You can use the online contact us form if you are not in very much of a hurry to sell your car or the phone number if you want answers immediately.

When reaching out to them, you will be required to provide details about your car make, model and year of manufacture. Some will even ask you to give your view of the current condition of the car. Once that information is provided, you will be given a quote that you will use to decide whether or not to use the company. You can try bargaining if you feel that your car has been undervalued.

If you are not happy with the quote, you can try a few different companies to see if you can get a higher one. If you decide to go ahead with the process, the company will send someone over to verify that the information you provided is true and to give you a final quote. Some adjustments may need to be made depending on the situation. Once an agreement has been reached, they will send a tow truck to either tow or carry your car to their wrecking yard.

Inside the Wrecking Yard

Once your car arrives at the wrecking yard, technicians pounce on it to see what can be saved so that the company can try and recover the money that they gave to you and possible get some profit.

The process takes place in the following four steps:

1. Preparation: This is where the car is prepared for the wrecking process. It involves the removal of oil, fuel, coolant and any other chemical that might still be in the car. This ensures that no spills occur during the wrecking process when dismantling the parts. High-pressure systems like the AC system are also de-pressurised and the refrigerant released.

2. Wrecking: All the wrecking takes place in this second step. Technicians inspect your old car looking for parts that can be re-used on other cars. This is where parts like doors, fuel tanks, gas caps, bumpers, suspension parts, lights, interior fittings, seats, wheels, radiators and even steering wheels are removed from your car. They are sorted and stored strategically in warehouses for easy retrieval when someone comes seeking them.

3. Recording: This is less technical and more of the organisational part of car wrecking. Here, clerks record the parts, their current location on the warehouse and the make and model of the car from which the parts were retrieved. This ensures that the company has a proper catalogue that can be used to easily and quickly tell if a specific part is available. Many of the wrecking companies in Australia today use electronic databases and spreadsheets for this task to ensure efficiency in the retrieval process.

4. Crushing: After all the salvageable parts have been removed, the next step involves crushing the shell that remains after all the useful parts have been removed. While this might appear like an unnecessary step to many people, it helps save a lot of space during the storing of the scrap metals before they are re-used as raw materials. The cars are stacked one on top of the other hence, it’s important to collapse the frames to avoid accidents and toppling.

After the process is done, the car wrecker can raise some money from selling the shell of the car to scrap metal dealers and selling the recovered parts to owners of similar cars. Some of these parts like fittings for the car interiors are usually very hard to find hence car wreckers are very useful to the car owners. They also give the parts at highly discounted prices, which explains why buyers are always willing to come for parts at these warehouses.

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