A quick and easy way to sell your car for cash Perth

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Time is always a powerful thing. Depreciation and aging hit anything and everything and when you work with machines such as cars there reaches a time when it will become road unworthy. There definitely no graveyards for such machines and the only option we are left with is recycling some of the car parts. Cash for Cars is a fully licensed car wrecker and dealer company located in Melbourne.

We aim at helping you get the old junk or wrecked car out of your yard for free at the same time rewarding you with some money. There a lot of reasons why you need the piece of junk out of your place. It could be home to some dangerous and venomous creature and it’s still unsafe for your kids to play with.

Cash for Cars accepts all kinds of brands and makes. The condition of the car is not a barrier to the success of the mutual benefit. We normally set our prices according to the current market price of the scrap metal in the market. You’ re rest assured of a fair deal and professionalism.

How cash for car companies work?

You can simply reach us by making a call and we give a free quote. The process is easy and filling the quote is done within a few minutes which means we can do the paperwork and get the car on the same day.

Ensure that you provide genuine information which we use to give you a price tag. When you are satisfied with the price we arrange for an inspection and we hand in the money and we tow the car. Our towing services are free, and you don’t have to worry about accruing any costs.

We are flexible and easy to fit in your schedule whether at night or daytime. We arrive in quite punctual when called upon. The process is simple since you only do the paperwork and get your cash right away.

Got a car to sell?

We have a very interactive customer care department which answers any questions and provides the relevant information. We are open 24/ 7 and you can easily reach us now at 0432 555 143.

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